Mouth Rehabilitation

Are discolored or broken teeth making you hide your smile? Come in to Oak Street Dental North Aurora for a free consultation with Dr. Balderrama & see how we can help you regain your confidence. With a complete smile makeover, Dr. Balderrama can easily replace missing or broken teeth, correct discoloration & simply give you the smile you’ve always wanted!

Dental Conditions

Altered Passive & Altered Active Eruption

This video shows you how if either the active or passive phase of tooth development is not fully complete it can have a negative impact on the appearance, position and function of the teeth.

Compensatory Eruption

This video shows you how tooth grinding, and wear can result in shortened and shifted teeth affecting their appearance, position and function.

Root Resorption

This video shows you the cause of both internal and external root resorption, its symptoms, and consequences if left untreated.

Understanding Tooth Wear

This video provides an overview of the three main types of tooth wear and the effect that they have on the appearance and health of your teeth.

Non-Carious Cervical Lesions

This video shows you the causes, symptoms and consequences of non-carious cervical lesions.

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